In the Studio with the Inspirationals Quartet of Texas

Nashville, TN (October 10, 2023) The Inspirationals Quartet of Texas have been in the studio with Les Butler, working on their new album. This is the second project on the REAL Southern Gospel label and is sure to be the best yet!

Record label owner and producer, Les Butler stated, "I wouldn't hesitate to put this quartet on any stage, anywhere, anytime! They are simply amazing! Do I sound like a proud producer? Well, I am! Well done gentlemen!"

John Rulapaugh of the group added, "I am honored to have the opportunity to sing with these guys and thankful for their commitment to producing the highest possible quality recordings…and that holds true with this one. GREAT songs, GREAT production…if you like the TRUTH put plainly in song, you’re going to love this recording.”